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We give a free pair of boots to every member who hits their 69th attendance record. We also get involved in events with them throughout the year.

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U.S. Vets

Every November we give 5% of proceeds of all camo product sales in honor of Veteran's Day.

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Boot Campaign

We create exclusive Limited Edition boots for Boot Campaign at a discount. They keep all the profits from those sales. We also sell select boots through their site, so they can receive a portion of those proceeds to help fund their work on a consistent basis.

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Tunnels to Towers

11% of all proceeds to Tunnels to Towers from 09.1-09.11-2023

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Conquering Kili Trek

Feb. 2024 - Conquering Kili trek with John Follmer who will be wearing the APEX on his hike while carrying his Altama Desert boots he wore while serving in the sandbox.

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Freedom Fest Fundraiser

Local Tennessee fundraiser for Veterans

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Past Events

We are always looking to get involved with our community through charities and events.

Check out some of our stories below.

Pictured: Camo Life t-shirt campaign for U.S. Vets.

Flood Relief

August 2022, Eastern Kentucky was hit with massive amounts of flooding. We delivered hundreds of boots for those working in clean up and rebuilding, as well as providing galoshes for the children of the area.

9/11 20th commemoration

Created a t-shirt and patch, donating 100% of profit to MVP

ECO Defense Group

WILDLIFE PROTECTORS FACE DAILY THREATS. WE PROVIDE SOLUTIONS. Eco Defense Group consults with, trains and enables wildlife professionals in national and regional parks to identify and deter poaching before it happens. We have provided boots for their trainers and trainees several times.

Iron Freedom

The Iron Freedom Foundation's overall mission is to provide veterans with a support community of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts with the means and the personal confidence necessary to go forth and achieve, not only their goals, but those around them.